Welcome to my Baby!! This has been a long time coming for me. For those of you who don’t know me! I’m Katie! I am a Hairstylist & Make-Up Artist as well as a lover of all things fashion. I’ve been behind a chair since 2007. Whoa, long time! As much as I love doing hair and I mean LOVE doing hair… I still had a void to fill with my fashion admiration. After many “You should start a blog” comments.. Here I am!

     On my blog, I will try to keep actual hair pictures to a minimum and more so do tutorials for styles. I will also share my favorite products along with new things I try with honest reviews on them. Along with these things.. I will share make-up looks and how they’re achieved, all of my fashion finds (you’ll learn I’m all about sale finds), as well as my travels. I work so much that traveling helps hit the reset button for me. So even if its a quick weekend getaway somewhere close by, I’m going! And I’ll share my favorite stops and shops along the way!

     I’m excited to have yall join me on this journey! Never hesitate to reach out if there’s something specific I can post about for you! I want this to help everyone who visits and watches for new content! Thanks yall! HOLLA!

xo Katie