Blue Oil

So, I was chatting with a client the other day when we got on the subject of tension headaches and just aches from tension in general.. Something I’m all to familiar with thanks to my job. I’m constantly asking Skipp to massage my neck, shoulders, etc. It was in that moment I realized I needed to share with her one of my favorite products! Hence, you all as well!

I learned about this product when I worked for Aveda. When I worked for them it was called Blue Oil. This is a product that I still find an Aveda store to purchase after not working for an Aveda salon now for 5 years now! After going to purchase it recently, I realized they have changed the name to Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate. I was skeptical at first thinking this meant the product itself had changed too. Well let me assure you, it has not!

The oil comes in a roller ball or a larger bottle. Now, while I realize the larger bottle is the more economical purhcase.. I LOVE THE ROLLER BALL! It is $22 of heaven if you suffer from tension like I do! If you choose to do the larger bottle – you’re looking at $35.

That being said.. Lets get into all the ways I use this oil!

  • The place I use the oil most is at the base of my skull. More descriptively at those 2 little pressure points (which I believe are sometimes called Heaven’s Gate) I apply it with the roller ball in a circular motion then move down my neck wherever else I’m feeling tension.  I then use my hands to massage it into those areas. You will instantly feel a tingle and cooling sensation followed by relief.
  • The next place I use frequently is my temples. Just as above,  apply to the temples in a circular motion followed by massaging it in. This is FANTASTIC if you have a migraine or headache of any sort.
  • I also use on my shoulders the exact same way. My shoulders are always so tense and tight and this is the perfect at home remedy between massages. HAIRDRESSER FRIENDS: If you’ve never worked for Aveda and are unfamiliar with this product.. Get it! You will thank me!!
  • I suffer from anxiety. Like in all forms haha! But especially traveling! I’m that anxious person that always thinks I’m going to be late, miss a flight, get stuck in traffic or by a wreck, that I’m gonna forget something. It’s seriously the worst. So, I always take this with me traveling. Whether on a plane, in a car, etc., apply this oil to your inner wrists and just take a couple seconds doing some deep breathing with it by your nose. It instantly calms me down and settles my anxiety.
  • Got a pesky bug bite that you can’t stop clawing at? Roll this Blue Oil Over it to take that itch away!
  • Last but not least, I’ve been told if you rub it on the bottom of your feet, it can help bring a fever down. This is yet to be proven on my account but I’m rarely sick. But listen yall… I’ll try any natural remedy when it comes to being sick because I hate medicine and I quite honestly.. your girl doesnt have time to be sick! I’m a busy busy woman!

Well.. I hope this makes you guys wanna run to your nearest Aveda store or salon to snag this miracle oil! I can promise you, you won’t regret it!

xo Katie

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