Patio Paradise

I’ve been debating for months what my next deck/patio purchase was going to be. I really wanted the egg chair from Target that you’ve seen everywhere. When I told Skipp it was $400.. he looked at me like I was insane. I did not understand me wanting to spend $400 on a chair that didn’t go inside of our home. I get it, I get it. Men don’t really know prices of patio furniture I feel like. I typically do the shopping for the things in our home. (Mainly because I’m the one with the style. I kid, I kid.)

I was determined to get a new fun chair for outside. I looooooove spending time outside. I never wanted to last year. We had a neighbor that was a little out of line with me. Skipp had to ask him to leave me alone, but he didn’t. Our balcony basically faced his.. So, for that reason.. I never wanted to be out there last year. He ended up moving, thankfully. YAY! Now that he’s gone, I’m ready to make it exactly how I’ve wanted to since we moved it! I’ve been patiently waiting for this!

Skipp has never told me I can’t spend my money on something.. but since we are in a serious relationship.. I want to show him I can compromise on things. So my search for other patio chairs began! After lots of searching, I stumbled upon some at Pier 1. I showed them to him and he was actually on board with them.. especially because they’re having a summer sale. All their outdoor stuff is 50% off right now!! I HAD to jump on it while they were on sale and while I had his approval (before he changed his mind hehe)

I settled on the one in these pictures. I also picked up a little vase with some stems there too! They were not on sale, but thats okay! I had been eyeing some pillows at World Market, too. I just didn’t want to buy them until I had a chair picked out so I could make sure they all went together! As soon as I got the chair, I was at World Market the day. And guess what… the pillows at World Market were half off too!! All kinds of winning yall!! I also grabbed a little outdoor plant for half off, along with a side table for 40% off.

I also snagged a rug from at Home and a couple planters from Kirklands. I want to try to share links to as much of it as possible! So, I’m gonna do that below so you guys can get some good deals too!! I’m super excited to spend more time outside! I think we are going to replace the little table on the other side that we’ve had for a while too. We want to keep the loveseat. We just wanted to get everything out there to see what we should be looking for to replace it with! Both of our old things were Wayfair finds (like 75% of our house).

My Pier 1 Finds

Hanging Chair –

The Stand for the Chair (they have a dark or white stand) –

Similar Vase to the one I got –

Stems for the vase –


World Market Finds

Outdoor Side Table –

Grey Pillow –

Jade Triangles Pillow –

Black Triangles Pillows –

Black Macrame Pillows –


Kirklands Planters –


UPDATE: Lots of questions about my romper! It is aerie! It’s on sale right now for $24! I will link below!

Headband is $4.90 at Forever 21 –

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day <3

In my opinion, what you wear all depends on what you are going to do! Are you going out to a fancy dinner? Staying in and cooking at home? Going to do an activity? Picnic? So many things go into planning an outfit! So in this post.. As I share each outfit… I am also going to share where I would wear each one! This way, you have an idea of where or how to wear each thing!

For this particular post, I partnered with Impromptu Boutique! I worked together with the owner to put these looks together for you guys. I wanted to use things you could go buy today, not use old things in my closet! So everything you are going to see in this post is available in there store or their website. Impromptu is located in Louisville in Oxmoor Mall. But no fear – they also have a website you can also shop on if you are not local!

So lets get started! I want to start with a fancy dinner outfit. It’s not usually mine and Skipp’s Valentines Date choice BUT it IS  a popular choice for other people. Here in Louisville, this would be a great outfit for Jeff Rubys, 610 Magnolia, Morton’s, 211 Clover Lane, Ruth’s Chris (you get the idea). I could even see doing a play after dinner in this outfit! Its a black mid length skirt, a red lacy scalloped top and black heels! It would be super cute to throw on a little fur jacket on over it too. Usually here in Kentucky it is still cold for Valentines Day even though this weekend it was nearly 70 degrees! Now with each outfit – make it your own! Want to buy the top but not a new black skirt? Great! Wear whatever black skirt you already own!


Next outfit is semi-dressy but could easily be dressed down based on what you’re doing for dinner. Instead of a dressier black skirt, this outfit we went with a denim skirt! Denim skirts have made a serious comeback. Throw on a red tank or t-shirt with it, throw a jacket over your shoulders and bam! You’ve got the cutest outfit! I love love love this red tank from Impromptu with the scallops! The scallops give it just the right amount of extra it needs with the denim. We paired it with red heels to keep it a little dressier with an extra pop of Valentine color! But again with this outfit.. Make it fit you and your personality! Want to be more casual? All you have to do is throw it on with cute little keds (or any cute little sneaker) to dress it down and make it more casual! I think it would be cute too with little printed booties (leopard come to mind for me because I wear mine all the time, but any little bootie would do of course!) If going out to dinner in this outfit.. my local restaurant choices personally would be Buterchtown Grocery, Jack Fry’s, Rye, River House, Le Moo, Decca. Places like these are all still nice just not quite as fancy. They all have a nice romantic feel to them too and are SUPER tasty!!








The next outfit I wanna do is a little different. Its not red or pink… but… ANIMAL PRINT! Maybe you’re not a big fan of color. Or maybe you just don’t like wearing those girly colors. I know a lot of people that aren’t comfortable in those! I’ve been looking for some animal print body suits, so when I found this one at Impromptu.. I not only had to do an outfit with it.. but had to own it too! So, I do now! I love the idea of this instead of pink or red or lips or hearts! Its got a little more sexy goin on! You could do red heels and a red lip if you want to throw in a little Valentine color. You could do black or nude heels with a deep colored lip like a plum. Or you could make this more casual with little sneakers and a newsboy hat! My dinner choices for this fit would probably be Naive, Mayan Cafe, Fork & Barrel, Louvino or Sarino’s!













My next outfit is pretty casual. I would recommend this outfit for a cute little breakfast date (for me – that would probably entail heading to highfive doughnuts first thing in the morning to pick up some fresh doughnuts – YUM). Or after having some casual pizza (my fave), head to Louisville Cream and pick up some ice cream! Or if you wanna do a casual dinner.. I would definitely recommend Grind Burger (to die for) or Feast (I will take a casual bourbon slushie date ANYDAY).








My favorite Valentine tradition we have is staying in on Valentines Day. If we both have to work that day.. we will just pick up a heart shaped pizza, a bottle of champagne, & strawberries to make some chocolate covered strawberries. If we have a little extra time and don’t work too late.. we will cook dinner together. I love that because we don’t get to cook dinner together too often! I usually cook because he works later more often then not, then he will usually clean. But when we get to actually spend that time TOGETHER in the kitchen, is my favorite! So if your Valentines Date is going to your significant other’s or them coming to you and you cooking for them.. either way.. I think this dress could be so perfect that! The ruffly action on it makes it so flirty! The tie at the waist makes it so flattering. The color is so pretty (I used some self tanner so I didn’t feel so pale). And you could throw on a cute little jean jacket with it or black leather jacket to dress it down. You could do cute little chucks that would keep it nice but not too dressy for just going to someone’s house! Throw just a simple dainty necklace on with it!  SO cute!!!












Okay, I want to give you one last little outfit from Impromptu that I would also say is a little more on the casual side. I feel like I’ve given you some good restaurant choices but I want to share some things to do! You could throw this little casual outfit on with some sneaks and get to doin! I also think the cut out shoulders on this sweater add just the right amount of flirt to this fit!

Need some ideas? Here’s a few!

  •       Big Four Bridge – just get out and walk! It will force you to have real conversation with eachother which is GREAT! You could even stop for food, drinks, dessert at the bottom of the bridge in Indiana! I love Parlour and Red Yetti (both casual, cute little spots)
  •      Go Throw some axes at Flying Axes YO! Skipp took me to do this for my Birthday and it was SO much fun! You would want to wear flat closed toed shoes for this anyways!
  •       If you’re off that day (or off at a decent hour or even go the weekend before or after) head to a distillery and do a tasting! I would say that Angels Envy and Rabbit Hole are our favorites! We also LOVE to go to the bar at Copper & Kings (called Alex&nder). We are regulars there! Its separate from doing a tour. We go just to have a drink or 2 and hang out the weekends.
  •      Go live like kids and play games! The new Dave & Busters just opened up in St Matts! Go get a couple drinks and start earning those tickets! Then pick a prize together at the end!

Hope this helps give you guys some outfit ideas and helps you figure out how to wear them based on what you’re doing! These outfits do not have to be for dates! If you don’t have or WANT a Valentines date.. grab a girlfriend and go try a restaurant I mentioned that you haven’t been to! It’s the day of love and that isn’t limited to significant others! Don’t forget about all the lovedones in your life! And don’t forget to check out Impromptu Boutique for all you V-Day needs!  Linking them below:


In doing my giveaways on Instagram this week, I got to spend some time at Impromptu. It’s a local boutique here in Louisville but they have all their inventory on their website as well! The owner, Jordan, was kind enough to team up and gift a $50 gift card to a lucky reader of mine! So naturally, I had to run over to the boutique and pick my faves that she just got in for fall. We’re in that weird in between where its still summer weather here in Kentucky but you wanna dress like fall.

You all are always asking where I shop so I’m definitely going to start sharing more of that with you!! I hopped over there yesterday and spent some time with Jordan as she showed me some of their newer arrivals and we played around with some outfits. So of course, I wanted to share with you guys what I bought from this little shopping venture! That way if you’re the lucky chosen one of the gift card, it might give you some inspo! If you aren’t the lucky winner, hopefully I’ve helped you find a new place to shop!

I’ve decided my go to’s are definitely going to be lots of fun booties, sweaters with skirts & skorts (yes, skorts are back) and transitioning my spring tops into fall with blazers and jean jackets! So here are some of the looks I picked: YAY!

A breakdown of price on some of the items I’ve posted here:

  1. Black Skort – $52
  2. Plaid Skort – $32
  3. High Waist Camo Skirt – $36
  4. Grey sweater (open back) – $42
  5. Cream Sweater (pictured with plaid skort) – $44
  6. Grey Boyfriend Blazer – $39
  7. Cable Cream Sweater (pictured with shorts) – $38
  8. Over the Knee Boots – $62 (2 colors)
  9. Black ‘pick your poison booties – WERE $56, NOW $29

Happy Shopping!!!