My Every Day Curls Tutorial

One of the most popular questions I get is – “How do you do your curls?”. I do hair EVERY DAY! It comes so natural to me at this point in my career. I forget that it is something not everyone can do! It is very tricky to try to explain to someone. So, I figured I would show you! I recorded a tutorial showing you exactly how I do it while explaining it as I go. I also included a list of my most used products along with why and howI use them! So, let me start with sharing the link here of the video!

Okay, now that you can find the tutorial. I am going to share the products along with links for you to find them!

  1. IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo –
  2. Kevin Murphy Powder Puff –
  3. Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine –
  4. Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner –
  5. Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair –
  6. IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray –

I also wanted to share a link for the curling iron I used in the video!

Now, if you watched the video.. you may have seen….. that in honor of finally getting this video done.. I’ve decided to pair it with a giveaway! I’ve announced on my social medias that the video is now live available to view! I will be giving away the Amika Blonde Set (a $56 value) paired with a Hot Tools curling iron (a $50 value) for a giveaway value of $106! The instructions to enter will be on my instagram page and will run from Monday, July 1st through Friday, July 5th. So, head on over to check that out!

I honestly had so much fun doing this video! I want to do more! Feel free to message/comment on instragram for any other videos you may like to see, comment here, or my email is always open! I hope this helped some of you!! Thank you guys for tuning in!! XOXO

UPDATED: I’ve received lots of questions about this tank top!! It is from Express. They already sold out of it, but have some similar.. so I’m gonna share the links for those here!




I finally got the chance to visit Forage a few weeks ago! It’s a local plant store and yes, I’m talkin real plants! They just opened their second store in Lexington which is exciting! I love watching local companies grow!


I buy fake plants a lot because quite honestly, I suck at keeping real ones alive! Anyone else with me on that? Glad I’m not alone! I started following Forage on Instagram long before I was able to pay them a visit. One thing I always adored about them was their patience for people like me. They answer endless questions about how to care for your plants from people that probably aren’t even their customers!

I purchased an air plant with a little vase for it, a potted plant that sits in a big metal circle & hangs on the wall and a candle! They have some things in the store that aren’t just plants! It’s a great place to find a cool, different gift for someone! They even have cute t-shirts if you have someone in your life that loves plants! They even will give you some wine while you shop! Which you all know that’s a sure fire way to get me in a store! Haha! I plan to go back and buy a whole mess more.. because thanks to their care tips.. I haven’t killed them yet! They also host classes which I think is super fun! They have one coming up in July that I’m trying to rally my friends for where you make a moss wall! (Its a smaller version than the full wall size but I’m still totally here for it.)


I highly recommend! They have an awesome couch to sit on while you make your mind up. You’ll want to buy everything they have in store but your pocket book probably won’t let you! You’ll thank me later for telling you about this little gem! They are located on Goss Ave and the only day you can’t pay them a visit is Mondays!

Outfit deats – Dress is from Impromptu Boutique, Shoes are from Target and the leather jacket is super old from Kohl’s!


Bachelorette & Charcuterie

The Girls and I decided to get together for the premier of the new season of the Bachelorette! Our lives are so crazy and it’s so hard for us to get together. We just at any opportunity we get! I hosted our little shindig. Of course, no Bachelorette viewing party is complete without wine and charcuterie!

We didn’t decide until later in the day that we were going to get together. It was a last minute decision, honestly (7 pm decision). I was the only one still out and was just getting off work. It started at 8:00. So we weren’t working with much time to shop and prep.

I offered to just stop on my way home to pick up all of our Charcuterie goodies! The only thing between the salon and my house is Kroger. So Kroger it was! Thankfully, the Kroger by me as an amazing cheese section!! I stopped in there grabbed all the necessities. Cheese, some little meats, fruit, jams, and last but certainly not least.. wine.

I just had to share what a cute little board we put together in such little time. How often do you realize last minute that you are going somewhere and need to take something? Or realize people are coming over and you don’t have anything? Kroger can really help you out in a pinch. I will admit.. it normally wouldn’t have been my first choice for something like this.. but after this.. my mind was changed! I’m trying to change yours too!

In no way is this post sponsored. I spent my own money and time on this! Just wanted to show a fun little thing you could put together in a pinch! Or maybe inspire you on your next girls night in!! <3

My outfit is from Impromptu Boutique. This little set is sold out in this color.. but they do have it in navy now! I will include the direct link to it below!


For those of you that don’t know Skipp and I personally, I must inform you we LOVE to eat out. Big Foodies over here! Like it’s one of our favorite things to do – go get some tasty foods, a couple drinks and just talk and enjoy each other’s company! We aren’t much for chain restaurants and usually try to pick local things. So when we heard Couvillion opened.. it was high on our list seeing that they were a cajun style restaurant. (We love anything that has a little cajun or spice to it.)

We decided last night it was time to try it. We got lucky enough that we chose a night when we were getting a glimpse of the fall weather where were sitting in the 70’s. So I wore a little yellow romper from General Eccentric (another local) with a duster cardigan over it and little booties and it was perfect! I will try to find some like it because I’ve had several questions about that romper.

Anywho, onto the food. If I’m being completely honset – our original plan was to do more of a progressive style dinner this night. We got an early start (we’re always getting a late start to our nights) so we figured it was the perfect night to do it! So Couvillion was our first stop of the night. We had no idea until we arrived that they at taken over Finn’s old location. We loved Finn’s so we were sad at first and knew they had big shoes to fill. They exceeded our expectations!

We started with our drink order which was pretty standard – red wine for me, beer for him. Right after the server walked away, I realized they had Frose. I love frose. So I already knew I was gonna have to order that. Next came our food decisions. Thinking we were just going to have a couple small things and move onto the next location, we chose the Cauliflower. After skimming the menu a little longer we decided we also needed the Ribs.

The cauliflower came out in larger seared wedges. The real seller on that for me was the creole mustard vinaigrette it came slathered in. It was also topped with chili flakes – second seller. It’s a must! The ribs were not your typical ribs. The menu said house sauce I believe but we had to ask. They had some sort of peanut Thai sauce that was sooo dag on tasty. They were even topped with peanuts! Then to top it all off, it was served on top of a “smoked hoecake”. I didn’t know what it was either but it tasted like a cornbread pancake. So needless to say, it was a tasty combination of flavors.

I think one of our favorite things honestly, was our server. He was so great and knowledgable. I wish I could remember his name. He was so confident in their food. There was on point that he passed by..  and instead of saying how is everything.. he saw us chowing down and said “So good, right? Told ya you’d love it!” And we both just looked at each other like yeah!! It IS so good!!!

Verdict – we will be back Couvillion, we will be back.