I finally got the chance to visit Forage a few weeks ago! It’s a local plant store and yes, I’m talkin real plants! They just opened their second store in Lexington which is exciting! I love watching local companies grow!


I buy fake plants a lot because quite honestly, I suck at keeping real ones alive! Anyone else with me on that? Glad I’m not alone! I started following Forage on Instagram long before I was able to pay them a visit. One thing I always adored about them was their patience for people like me. They answer endless questions about how to care for your plants from people that probably aren’t even their customers!

I purchased an air plant with a little vase for it, a potted plant that sits in a big metal circle & hangs on the wall and a candle! They have some things in the store that aren’t just plants! It’s a great place to find a cool, different gift for someone! They even have cute t-shirts if you have someone in your life that loves plants! They even will give you some wine while you shop! Which you all know that’s a sure fire way to get me in a store! Haha! I plan to go back and buy a whole mess more.. because thanks to their care tips.. I haven’t killed them yet! They also host classes which I think is super fun! They have one coming up in July that I’m trying to rally my friends for where you make a moss wall! (Its a smaller version than the full wall size but I’m still totally here for it.)


I highly recommend! They have an awesome couch to sit on while you make your mind up. You’ll want to buy everything they have in store but your pocket book probably won’t let you! You’ll thank me later for telling you about this little gem! They are located on Goss Ave and the only day you can’t pay them a visit is Mondays!

Outfit deats – Dress is from Impromptu Boutique, Shoes are from Target and the leather jacket is super old from Kohl’s!


xo Katie

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