Mermaid Waves Tutorial

Since you all enjoyed the curl tutorial so much.. I have decided to do another! I decided to go with the mermaid wave this time! I did this look for Forecastle! It is one of my favorite looks for music festivals! Even if I’m not wearing it down.. It adds great texture to braids and pony styles! Some people I know even do this look right under their top layer at the scalp to add some volume! Being a hairstylist, I don’t usually feel the need to do this.. but it’s definitely an easy trick for people that don’t style hair every day!

I create this look with a 3 barrel iron – think.. an oversized crimper in a sense haha!! I have my favorite one linked in my like to know. I will tag it below. I also tagged the products I used along with it.. all in one simple link!

So basically, I just took you all along with me while I got ready! Just straight into my bathroom – nothing fancy. Is it weird that Skipp and I use separate bathrooms haha!! I didn’t think so.. its fine! But yes.. I made another youtube video right there.. no music this time.. just you and me getting ready together! I hope you find it helpful! I plan to keep these things coming!

Happy Styling Friends!!

xo Katie

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