Patio Paradise

I’ve been debating for months what my next deck/patio purchase was going to be. I really wanted the egg chair from Target that you’ve seen everywhere. When I told Skipp it was $400.. he looked at me like I was insane. I did not understand me wanting to spend $400 on a chair that didn’t go inside of our home. I get it, I get it. Men don’t really know prices of patio furniture I feel like. I typically do the shopping for the things in our home. (Mainly because I’m the one with the style. I kid, I kid.)

I was determined to get a new fun chair for outside. I looooooove spending time outside. I never wanted to last year. We had a neighbor that was a little out of line with me. Skipp had to ask him to leave me alone, but he didn’t. Our balcony basically faced his.. So, for that reason.. I never wanted to be out there last year. He ended up moving, thankfully. YAY! Now that he’s gone, I’m ready to make it exactly how I’ve wanted to since we moved it! I’ve been patiently waiting for this!

Skipp has never told me I can’t spend my money on something.. but since we are in a serious relationship.. I want to show him I can compromise on things. So my search for other patio chairs began! After lots of searching, I stumbled upon some at Pier 1. I showed them to him and he was actually on board with them.. especially because they’re having a summer sale. All their outdoor stuff is 50% off right now!! I HAD to jump on it while they were on sale and while I had his approval (before he changed his mind hehe)

I settled on the one in these pictures. I also picked up a little vase with some stems there too! They were not on sale, but thats okay! I had been eyeing some pillows at World Market, too. I just didn’t want to buy them until I had a chair picked out so I could make sure they all went together! As soon as I got the chair, I was at World Market the day. And guess what… the pillows at World Market were half off too!! All kinds of winning yall!! I also grabbed a little outdoor plant for half off, along with a side table for 40% off.

I also snagged a rug from at Home and a couple planters from Kirklands. I want to try to share links to as much of it as possible! So, I’m gonna do that below so you guys can get some good deals too!! I’m super excited to spend more time outside! I think we are going to replace the little table on the other side that we’ve had for a while too. We want to keep the loveseat. We just wanted to get everything out there to see what we should be looking for to replace it with! Both of our old things were Wayfair finds (like 75% of our house).

My Pier 1 Finds

Hanging Chair –

The Stand for the Chair (they have a dark or white stand) –

Similar Vase to the one I got –

Stems for the vase –


World Market Finds

Outdoor Side Table –

Grey Pillow –

Jade Triangles Pillow –

Black Triangles Pillows –

Black Macrame Pillows –


Kirklands Planters –


UPDATE: Lots of questions about my romper! It is aerie! It’s on sale right now for $24! I will link below!

Headband is $4.90 at Forever 21 –

xo Katie

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