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Okay, this is something I’ve gotten lots of questions about and have been super excited to share about. I actually changed some items in my skincare routine recently when Beauty Counter came out with some new items that seemed like they fit my skins needs better than what I had been using.

Lets start with this. MY SKIN IS NOT PERFECT. In some pictures you can tell.. in some you can’t.. but if you look really closely – I’m sure you can find my imperfections I fight with daily. When I was younger.. I had really bad acne. Thanks Dad! Haha! But now, I have scars from that. I also have large pores that drive me crazy. So to describe my skin – I would say its combination. It gets very oily at times but dry in certain areas as well. My number one skin issue is my pore size. After that.. I would say the oiliness as it messes with my make-up sometimes. Beyond that.. I would say dullness/uneven skin tone thanks to all my lovely skin issues and being scared to use anything too moisturizing because I was afraid it would make it even more oily.  I’m giving you all this information so you can see where I went about making this skin care choices for myself.

On to my regimen.. most people have 3 steps in there routine. Clean, Tone, Moisture. I have FOUR:

  2. TONE
  3. TREAT

Now, I usually use different things in the morning than I do at night. For my daytime routine.. I’m focusing on combatting the oil since I have to wear a full face of make-up to work. For nighttime – I’m focusing on treating my skin and and getting some good moisture soaked in while I sleep. So lets get started!



  • CounterControl Cleanser or Charcoal Bar – (How do I decide which you ask? I keep one in my shower and one by my sink so that wherever I am washing my face.. I have one of those faves at my fingertips! I also use a Clarasonic with my face cleanser which I keep right next to my face wash by my sink!)


  • Countercontrol Instant Matte Toner – I choose this because it controls oil and helps minimize the appearance of my pores.


  • Always either Countercontrol All Over Acne Treatment or the Countermatch Moisture Serum. Here’s where I always say listen to your skin. If I’m feeling extra dry or dull, I use the moisture serum. If I’m feeling extra Break-Outy haha.. I use the acne treatment.


  • Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream followed by the CounterControl Matte Effect Gel Cream



  • I usually use the Cleansing Balm because its FANTASTIC at removing makeup! If I still feel like I can feel the makeup, I might do  a quick follow up cleanse with the Countercontrol Cleanser that I use in the am. If I dont have any makeup on, I’ll just use that as well instead of the cleansing balm.


  • Countercontrol Instant Matte Toner or the Rejuvenating Toner Pads if I feel like my skin got a little dried out that day. Again – Listening to the skin.


  • Same as Day –  Either Countercontrol Acne Treatment or the Countermatch Moisture Serum – Same as before – choosing based on my skins needs at that moment.


  • Rejuvenating Eye Cream followed by the No. 3 Balancing Face Oil – If skin is extra dry.. I’ll even layer the Rejuvinating Night Cream or the Countermatch Moisture Lotion with the oil to really give it a dose of moisture while I snooze.

I feel like to most people that probably sounds like a lot. But coming from someone thats always had skin problems, there’s one thing I’ve learned – CONSISTENCY and a solid routine are key! It’s 4 steps twice a day that take maybe 5 minutes each time. That’s 10 minutes a day TOTAL to keep your skin looking its best. I’m only getting older also, which means the problems are gonna keep adding on.. So the earlier you can get in the habit of a solid routine – the better it will be for you down the road. It doesn’t need to be complicated. I can’t have it be anything but easy and quick because I’m busy enough as it is.

Now there are other products I randomly use on my skin and work in time my routine. They just aren’t items I use every single day. So I DO want to share some of those items with you because you may already have a routine you love but are just looking for a few things to use on the side with it to amp it up a little bit. So here are my other go to’s for when need be!

  • Countercontrol Spot Treatment – I use this when I get a major breakout (usually that time of the month). But anytime you get a zit or pimple you can’t be havin – put this bad boy on there twice idea and watch it quickly disappear before your eyes!
  • Overnight Resurfacing Peel – The name literally describes it! Its the miracle product that I put on probably the times a week before going to bed in my treat step that improves my skin texture, minimizes my pores, fine lines and dark spots all without drying my skin out! But again.. consistency on this one. I shoot for every other night. If you go too long in between uses.. it won’t give it enough time to do what it needs to do!
  • No. 3 Balancing + Charcoal Facial Mask – You can use it 2-3 times a week.. I feel like I’m lucky to get my once a week in! But I really try to make it happen at least once! You name it – it does it – absorbs excess oil, draws out impurities, minimizes pores, exfoliates and smooths the skin.
  • Eye Make-up Remover – This item was a 2018 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Winner. Its made without silicones and my go to for removing that stubborn eye makeup prior to cleansing the skin!
  • Makeup Remover Wipes – Removes makeup and cleans skin in one step, although the only times I use this as my cleansing method is when its been a late night and thats the only way my makeup is coming off hehe – but I do like having them on hand for that reason since they’re safe to use on and around my eyes as well since they’re safe and clean! I also like to use them after a good sweaty work out followed by the next item:
  • No. 3 Balancing Facial Mist –  I use this for multiple things. Which is why I love it. It can 100% be used as a toner. Thats not usually why I use it however. I use it after using the wipes on my face after working out (or whenever I’m using the wipes) to just refresh the skin. It will also calm redness if my face is red from working out. It can also be used as a setting spray for make-up. I keep it in my workout bag which is usually at work with me too cause I go straight there most times after working out.

So all that being said – These are all the things you will find in my Beauty Cabinet that all get used at least once a week – some every day. Hopefully I help you fill a hole in your skin care routine where you are missing something. This is the first thing people see when they look at you – Your face! Do what ya can to make it a good one. I’m obsessed with this skin care line and think you will be too if you give it a try.

Not sure what you need for your skin type? This company has a quiz you can take where they will recommend 4 products for you and sell you that set for 10% off.. then also recommend 2 more products that would also benefit you if you are looking for a little more! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can just answer a few questions about your skin and bam you’re on your way with exactly what you should be using! I’ll include that link below! I encourage everyone to take it!

xo Katie

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