How to Care for your Hair Extensions

Starting this week.. I have been handing out papers for you guys to take home when you get your extensions done by me. This new hand tied extension method calls for some serious care. It is so much hair compacted together that you really have to pay a lot of attention to them. I’m going to copy everything from the sheet I hand out here! That way.. if you lose your sheet.. you have a place to still be able to find this information! Maybe you don’t even get your extensions done by me but your stylist didn’t give you detailed care instructions.. if that’s the case.. feel free to use this information!! I’m also going to share the link of my favorite shampoos and conditioners from my! Here we go!


Any and all products that I recommend to you, I will link on my page and on my website. You can revert to my webpage for tutorials as well if you are having a hard time styling or for more products/tools.


This seems like a pretty self explanatory thing here.. but you would actually be surprised how many people come in with tangled hair from lack of brushing. This is a lot of hair packed into your head… so you have to do a really good job brushing it out.. section it out.. brush each row.. brush from the top of the wefts run the brush underneath the wefts. Really get your hands in there and feel everything and make sure its really detangled. You will want to use a boar bristle brush at the base where the extensions are tied in.. but past where it is tied.. you may use a wet brush! (Yes, even if your hair isn’t wet.) I’ve also found that sometimes its easier to dry your hair a little bit before rippin a brush through there wet.  Again, All items recommended linked here:


Before washing.. make sure you brush the hair really well and get all the tangles out. Do not use any protein/keratin/repair products on your extensions. Your extensions do not need that so steer clear!!! Stick to moisturizing products. My favorite Shampoos & Conditioners for this type of extension are Iles Formula, Kerastase Elixir Ultime, Virtue Smooth and Pureology Hydrate. The direct link for these are included here. IF you prefer to purchase something AT your appointment.. we do not carry these ones in our salon but I am happy to help you pick something out there that would be the closest to the ones listed above. Each of these brands also have deep conditioners which I recommend doing about every other week. I would try to not wash these more than every 3-4 days. I try to go at least 4. When using a conditionr or deep conditioner.. be sure not to get it where the extensions are tied in. It could potentially loosen the strings where they’re tied in. I usually say from about ears down. TIP: Rinsing with cool water helps lock more moisture in!


After showering.. you will definitely want to apply a serum in the hair. I like to mix it with a moisture cream or heat protectant (again, products will be linked). It is important to use an oil to keep moisture in the hair as we only produce enough natural oil for our natural hair. I don’t recommend air drying, but if you do want to do that.. at least take the blow dryer to where the extensions are tied in because you don’t want that string to stay wet for too long as it could stretch and loosen your extensions. Always use the concentrator on the end of your blow dryer. It will help direct there air better thus preventing tangling or matting. Its best to use medium heat with all heat styling (blow dryer, curling iron, wand, flat iron) to avoid heat damage so you can get the longest life out of this hair!


You CANNOT lighten this hair. You can tone it down but not lighten. Not everyone is experience with this hair. If you are letting someone color them besides me… I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO THEM IN THAT PROCESS.


I recommend sleeping with a silk pillowcase. This will keep the hair from tangling and matting when your head is rubbing back and forth on the pillowcase throughout the night. I would also sleep with them in either a low, loose ponytail or braid or in a high bun. I usually use a scrunchie instead of a ponytail holder so that it doesn’t leave as much of a crease. I do not recommend going to bed with them wet because they could tangle more. If you decide to do that.. make sure it is 80% dry.. not sopping wet out of the shower.


I do NOT recommend swimming with your extensions. The hair could change colors from absorption of unknown elements in various bodies of water that can cause damage to hair & extensions, tangling & matting, and excessive dryness. If you do choose to swim with your hair extensions, please know that you are doing so at your own risk. If you choose to swim anyways, PLEASE take the time to prep your hair by rinsing with water prior to reduce the absorption of chlorine and salt. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so taking a dip without the extra moisture will cause you to absorb an excess of the bad stuff that can damage your hair and extensions. Keep hair gently pulled back in a secure braid to avoid matting. Avoid soaking your hair too much when swimming, as it can loosen the integrity of the bonds. Immediately after swimming, rinse through your hair with water to limit further damage. Wash with a a shampoo and conditioner that I have recommended above to remove all impurities and add back in that dose of moisture. Sunscreen can also cause discoloration to the extensions. if you’re wearing sunscreen.. just play it safe and pull your hair up off your shoulders/back/chest.


Maintenance is recommended every 8 weeks. We will set your first adjustment at that.. we will assess at the first adjustment if you can stretch it longer, are good at that mark, or if you need to be in sooner. It all depends on how fast or slow your hair grows. Maintenance cost is not included in your install and will need to be paid at each of those appointments. Do not exceed the recommended time-frames for maintaining your extensions. If you extend the maintenance period and do not use proper care + proper products in your daily lifestyle, we cannot guarantee the quality of the hair extensions or your natural hair.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT: Extensions are not your natural hair, special care and attention needs to be taken when caring for your hair extensions. This is your responsibility after you leave the salon to make sure you are following these steps!!

OKAY! Now that you have all that information… Here’s the link to find my top recommendations for Shampoos and Conditioners!  You can buy them straight from this link so its easy peasy to get your hands on the best products! You’re investing a lot in this hair so make sure you are also investing in the right products to keep them fresh for as long as possible! Longevity people!

REMEMBER: You can always check back here for more tutorials (there’s already a couple posted below this!) and always check my page because I’m constantly tagging tools and products used on my extensions! I share more of that there than anywhere! Hope this helps you guys! Always feel free to reach out if you have questions for me!

Corbett Cosmetic Medi Spa

Most of you know that I have been going to Corbett Cosmetic for almost 4 years now! I can’t even believe it’s been that long. I first went in for a face scan. I wanted to know where I stood with my skin and what I could be doing to better care for it and age more gracefully. That was when I started doing dysport with them. I didn’t NEED it.. but they recommended for me start as a preventive measure. I only got it done twice a year. On top of that.. they recommended some products I should be using for my age and tips for my cleansing regimen. (That was when I started using a clarasonic and never turned back on that! One of the best recommendations they ever gave me!)

I’ve always struggled with my skin. Bad skin has definitely run in my family. It’s been something I’ve been self-conscious of my whole life! The face scan I had done at Corbett grades your skin on a scale of 0%-100% where (just like in school) 100% is the best score you could get. When I initially had it done.. it seriously graded my pore size at like 6% or something insanely bad. I mean… how embarrassing. Since that moment.. I’ve decided to put my face in their hands and let them help me turn my skin around. I’ve used products they’ve told me too and even did a PRP (vampire) facial back in January! We just scanned my face again since my very first one and my pore grade went up almost 60%!!!!! You guys!!! Thats an insane difference!!!

After my most recent face scan… we re-evaluated my skin to see where I was at and what my face needed at this point. We decided to do an IPL spot treatment combined with a Micropeel which is a three-step clinical procedure combining Dermaplaning, Chemical Exfoliation, and CO2 Therapy!

This is a close up of my face so you can see the redness and broken blood vessels we are talking about (Why we decided to do the IPL Spot Treatment).

My skin has gotten some red spots from broken blood vessels. They think that has happened because of the industry I am in and my skin constantly getting blasted with blow dryer heat and styling tools too of course! (The things I do for you all haha). IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This treatment involves directing pulses of light energy into the skin’s deeper tissue layers to address a variety of skin concerns. Doing this treatment can improve the look of visible signs of sun damage including freckles, irregular pigmentation, fine lines, large pores, and rough or dull skin texture. IPL treatment can also improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation (dark spots), acne scars, rosacea, redness, red or purple stretch marks and some scars. The result is smoother skin that is more even in color and texture, and has fewer wrinkles!! I definitely needed the more even coloring! There was no down time at all for this treatment! I left my appointment and went straight to work! It actually wasn’t painful either! I was nervous because I’m a baby when it comes to pain. I was pleasantly surprised. I felt like I could see some of the results instantly.. the rest over the next few days!

The left picture is right before we got started – The right picture is immediately after we finished everything. No editing! See.. Nothing scary!

I followed the IPL spot treatment with a Micropeel. This is a three-step clinical procedure combining Dermaplaning, Chemical Exfoliation, and CO2 Therapy to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and visible skin imperfections. My skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom when I left there.. which was extremely refreshing for my skin type! As I said, I went straight to work after all this! I didn’t wear make-up really.. because I like to keep my skin fresh after having any type of facial stuff done for it so I’m not immediately turning around and clogging pores and causing things I  was trying to correct. I simply put on some mattifying powder (because I have oily skin) and a little gloss. I have lash extensions so I felt like those 2 things were all I really needed and just rocked a fresh looking face!

Corbett is the only place I go for anything involving my face. They’re reasonably priced and theres some things you just shouldn’t go cheap on. My face is one of them! They’ve NEVER steered me wrong and tried to get me to do things I didn’t need. They are having an open house on October 10th where they run specials on TONS of stuff.. including dysport, fillers, Spa Services and more!! They will also have 20% off of products and TONS of giveaways! This is an event you don’t want to miss! I stock up on everything at this sale because the deals are too good to pass up! Whatever you buy they can save in your profile for whenever you’re ready to come in! You can schedule an appointment to go in a chat about your skin and needs and they can give you reccomendations on what they think you should buy at the Fall Festival Open House! I see Ashton for my dysport and tiny lip filler for my baby lips and I see Allyson for all my skin care needs! I highly recommend both! Call them for a consult! We only have a month left before the Open House!

My Every Day Curls Tutorial

One of the most popular questions I get is – “How do you do your curls?”. I do hair EVERY DAY! It comes so natural to me at this point in my career. I forget that it is something not everyone can do! It is very tricky to try to explain to someone. So, I figured I would show you! I recorded a tutorial showing you exactly how I do it while explaining it as I go. I also included a list of my most used products along with why and howI use them! So, let me start with sharing the link here of the video!

Okay, now that you can find the tutorial. I am going to share the products along with links for you to find them!

  1. IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo –
  2. Kevin Murphy Powder Puff –
  3. Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine –
  4. Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner –
  5. Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair –
  6. IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray –

I also wanted to share a link for the curling iron I used in the video!

Now, if you watched the video.. you may have seen….. that in honor of finally getting this video done.. I’ve decided to pair it with a giveaway! I’ve announced on my social medias that the video is now live available to view! I will be giving away the Amika Blonde Set (a $56 value) paired with a Hot Tools curling iron (a $50 value) for a giveaway value of $106! The instructions to enter will be on my instagram page and will run from Monday, July 1st through Friday, July 5th. So, head on over to check that out!

I honestly had so much fun doing this video! I want to do more! Feel free to message/comment on instragram for any other videos you may like to see, comment here, or my email is always open! I hope this helped some of you!! Thank you guys for tuning in!! XOXO

UPDATED: I’ve received lots of questions about this tank top!! It is from Express. They already sold out of it, but have some similar.. so I’m gonna share the links for those here!



Fire & Ice

After Derby time in Kentucky, you feel like you need to cleanse everything…  your face, your liver, you soul. Okay, kidding about that last part. I feel like my face lives in make-up during Derby week and never catches a break. So the girls and I decided to do a little self love as soon as that week was over!

We tried Boscia’s newest face mask that just came out. It’s called Fire & Ice Cryosea Peel Off Mask. This mask has a mermaid-like holographic color that truly resembles a mermaids fin and it is BEAUTIFUL! It lifts, tightens, plumps and increases circulation leaving the skin feeling tingly and cool. That was honestly one of my favorite things about it! It felt SO good!

One of my biggest skin issues is my pores. I honestly can’t stand the constant battle so I’m always down to try a product that is supposed to help with that. This mask has sea kelp that draws out impurities, shrink pores and tighten the skin! My skin will feel dry after a lot of masks like this and I didn’t feel that way with this one. It still felt totally hydrated!

Moral of the story here is that we all loved it! We would all recommend it! So, go give it a try and feel like a beautiful mermaid! You can purchase it directly through Boscia or online at Ulta now. It will be available in Ulta stores on May 12th!!google!Product_Listing_Ads&cagpspn=pla&CATCI=aud-434937987590:pla-300240268222&CAAGID=56727878626&CAWELAID=330000200001764433&CATARGETID=330000200001480451&cadevice=c&gclid=Cj0KCQjww47nBRDlARIsAEJ34bnmQFvxFgEIfP-EkUUqRO-fYSDynTioRYNBlzM83z2YwZy5Epq0CukaAn6REALw_wcB


Date Night Make-Up Look

I get a lot of questions about Beauty Counters Make-up. Recently, they came out with some new make-up items. So – especially now – the questions have been rolling in. I’m SO excited about some of these items they came out with y’all! Mainly the Liquid eyeliner (because I usually use liquid over pencil), new eyeshadow palettes, and a new powder highlighter (they had one already but it was a cream and stick).  For those of you not familiar with Beauty Counter – it is a company that has very safe and clean, all natural beauty products. You will never find chemicals in their things and this is something I’ve been trying to be more conscious of lately with all categories of things we use/eat/etc. The thing I love most about this company is they’re actually fighting to get the Beauty Laws changed in America. There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skin care and beauty industry. What’s worse is that the Food and Drug Administration (the agency that regulates cosmetics in the United States) does not have the authority to remove harmful ingredients from the products we put on our bodies and on our kids’ bodies every single day, day after day. The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. Over the past two decades, the European Union has banned close to 1,400 chemicals in the product formulas of personal care products and restricted the levels of over 250 more in such products. The United States has only partially banned 30 to date. That is insanity. Beauty Counter has a giant “Never List” of chemicals you will never find in their products. Which I love! Don’t get it twisted, I still use all my Sephora faves as well. But its nice to have options to swap out for.. and especially for me being in this industry – its nice to have options for my clients that are allergic to certain ingredients, and have options for that are clean for people who also care about that sort of thing as well!

All that being said, I decided to do a make-up look using the new Beauty Counter Make-up items that just came out! They just came out with some new eyeshadow palettes that are AWESOME! 

Items used:

Tint Skin in Shade Linen – $42

Concealer Pen in Light –  $33

Mattifying Powder –  $38

Satin Powder Blush in Guava – $30

Powder Highlighter in shade Halo – $39

Statement Velvet Eyeshadow Palette – $50

Lengthening Mascara – $29

Liquid Eyeliner – $28

Color Intense Lipstick in Twighlight – $34

Whats super nice with these new eyeshadow palettes, is they are currently offering small make-up kits that include a new paletter, an eyeliner, a lip color, and a bronzer or highliter priced at $115 – which if ordered separately would run you around $145! So, its really a great deal and something to take advantage of. I’m including the link if you would like to browse safer options for your self 🙂