Corbett Cosmetic Medi Spa

Most of you know that I have been going to Corbett Cosmetic for almost 4 years now! I can’t even believe it’s been that long. I first went in for a face scan. I wanted to know where I stood with my skin and what I could be doing to better care for it and age more gracefully. That was when I started doing dysport with them. I didn’t NEED it.. but they recommended for me start as a preventive measure. I only got it done twice a year. On top of that.. they recommended some products I should be using for my age and tips for my cleansing regimen. (That was when I started using a clarasonic and never turned back on that! One of the best recommendations they ever gave me!)

I’ve always struggled with my skin. Bad skin has definitely run in my family. It’s been something I’ve been self-conscious of my whole life! The face scan I had done at Corbett grades your skin on a scale of 0%-100% where (just like in school) 100% is the best score you could get. When I initially had it done.. it seriously graded my pore size at like 6% or something insanely bad. I mean… how embarrassing. Since that moment.. I’ve decided to put my face in their hands and let them help me turn my skin around. I’ve used products they’ve told me too and even did a PRP (vampire) facial back in January! We just scanned my face again since my very first one and my pore grade went up almost 60%!!!!! You guys!!! Thats an insane difference!!!

After my most recent face scan… we re-evaluated my skin to see where I was at and what my face needed at this point. We decided to do an IPL spot treatment combined with a Micropeel which is a three-step clinical procedure combining Dermaplaning, Chemical Exfoliation, and CO2 Therapy!

This is a close up of my face so you can see the redness and broken blood vessels we are talking about (Why we decided to do the IPL Spot Treatment).

My skin has gotten some red spots from broken blood vessels. They think that has happened because of the industry I am in and my skin constantly getting blasted with blow dryer heat and styling tools too of course! (The things I do for you all haha). IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This treatment involves directing pulses of light energy into the skin’s deeper tissue layers to address a variety of skin concerns. Doing this treatment can improve the look of visible signs of sun damage including freckles, irregular pigmentation, fine lines, large pores, and rough or dull skin texture. IPL treatment can also improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation (dark spots), acne scars, rosacea, redness, red or purple stretch marks and some scars. The result is smoother skin that is more even in color and texture, and has fewer wrinkles!! I definitely needed the more even coloring! There was no down time at all for this treatment! I left my appointment and went straight to work! It actually wasn’t painful either! I was nervous because I’m a baby when it comes to pain. I was pleasantly surprised. I felt like I could see some of the results instantly.. the rest over the next few days!

The left picture is right before we got started – The right picture is immediately after we finished everything. No editing! See.. Nothing scary!

I followed the IPL spot treatment with a Micropeel. This is a three-step clinical procedure combining Dermaplaning, Chemical Exfoliation, and CO2 Therapy to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and visible skin imperfections. My skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom when I left there.. which was extremely refreshing for my skin type! As I said, I went straight to work after all this! I didn’t wear make-up really.. because I like to keep my skin fresh after having any type of facial stuff done for it so I’m not immediately turning around and clogging pores and causing things I  was trying to correct. I simply put on some mattifying powder (because I have oily skin) and a little gloss. I have lash extensions so I felt like those 2 things were all I really needed and just rocked a fresh looking face!

Corbett is the only place I go for anything involving my face. They’re reasonably priced and theres some things you just shouldn’t go cheap on. My face is one of them! They’ve NEVER steered me wrong and tried to get me to do things I didn’t need. They are having an open house on October 10th where they run specials on TONS of stuff.. including dysport, fillers, Spa Services and more!! They will also have 20% off of products and TONS of giveaways! This is an event you don’t want to miss! I stock up on everything at this sale because the deals are too good to pass up! Whatever you buy they can save in your profile for whenever you’re ready to come in! You can schedule an appointment to go in a chat about your skin and needs and they can give you reccomendations on what they think you should buy at the Fall Festival Open House! I see Ashton for my dysport and tiny lip filler for my baby lips and I see Allyson for all my skin care needs! I highly recommend both! Call them for a consult! We only have a month left before the Open House!