How to Care for your Hair Extensions

Starting this week.. I have been handing out papers for you guys to take home when you get your extensions done by me. This new hand tied extension method calls for some serious care. It is so much hair compacted together that you really have to pay a lot of attention to them. I’m going to copy everything from the sheet I hand out here! That way.. if you lose your sheet.. you have a place to still be able to find this information! Maybe you don’t even get your extensions done by me but your stylist didn’t give you detailed care instructions.. if that’s the case.. feel free to use this information!! I’m also going to share the link of my favorite shampoos and conditioners from my! Here we go!


Any and all products that I recommend to you, I will link on my page and on my website. You can revert to my webpage for tutorials as well if you are having a hard time styling or for more products/tools.


This seems like a pretty self explanatory thing here.. but you would actually be surprised how many people come in with tangled hair from lack of brushing. This is a lot of hair packed into your head… so you have to do a really good job brushing it out.. section it out.. brush each row.. brush from the top of the wefts run the brush underneath the wefts. Really get your hands in there and feel everything and make sure its really detangled. You will want to use a boar bristle brush at the base where the extensions are tied in.. but past where it is tied.. you may use a wet brush! (Yes, even if your hair isn’t wet.) I’ve also found that sometimes its easier to dry your hair a little bit before rippin a brush through there wet.  Again, All items recommended linked here:


Before washing.. make sure you brush the hair really well and get all the tangles out. Do not use any protein/keratin/repair products on your extensions. Your extensions do not need that so steer clear!!! Stick to moisturizing products. My favorite Shampoos & Conditioners for this type of extension are Iles Formula, Kerastase Elixir Ultime, Virtue Smooth and Pureology Hydrate. The direct link for these are included here. IF you prefer to purchase something AT your appointment.. we do not carry these ones in our salon but I am happy to help you pick something out there that would be the closest to the ones listed above. Each of these brands also have deep conditioners which I recommend doing about every other week. I would try to not wash these more than every 3-4 days. I try to go at least 4. When using a conditionr or deep conditioner.. be sure not to get it where the extensions are tied in. It could potentially loosen the strings where they’re tied in. I usually say from about ears down. TIP: Rinsing with cool water helps lock more moisture in!


After showering.. you will definitely want to apply a serum in the hair. I like to mix it with a moisture cream or heat protectant (again, products will be linked). It is important to use an oil to keep moisture in the hair as we only produce enough natural oil for our natural hair. I don’t recommend air drying, but if you do want to do that.. at least take the blow dryer to where the extensions are tied in because you don’t want that string to stay wet for too long as it could stretch and loosen your extensions. Always use the concentrator on the end of your blow dryer. It will help direct there air better thus preventing tangling or matting. Its best to use medium heat with all heat styling (blow dryer, curling iron, wand, flat iron) to avoid heat damage so you can get the longest life out of this hair!


You CANNOT lighten this hair. You can tone it down but not lighten. Not everyone is experience with this hair. If you are letting someone color them besides me… I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO THEM IN THAT PROCESS.


I recommend sleeping with a silk pillowcase. This will keep the hair from tangling and matting when your head is rubbing back and forth on the pillowcase throughout the night. I would also sleep with them in either a low, loose ponytail or braid or in a high bun. I usually use a scrunchie instead of a ponytail holder so that it doesn’t leave as much of a crease. I do not recommend going to bed with them wet because they could tangle more. If you decide to do that.. make sure it is 80% dry.. not sopping wet out of the shower.


I do NOT recommend swimming with your extensions. The hair could change colors from absorption of unknown elements in various bodies of water that can cause damage to hair & extensions, tangling & matting, and excessive dryness. If you do choose to swim with your hair extensions, please know that you are doing so at your own risk. If you choose to swim anyways, PLEASE take the time to prep your hair by rinsing with water prior to reduce the absorption of chlorine and salt. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so taking a dip without the extra moisture will cause you to absorb an excess of the bad stuff that can damage your hair and extensions. Keep hair gently pulled back in a secure braid to avoid matting. Avoid soaking your hair too much when swimming, as it can loosen the integrity of the bonds. Immediately after swimming, rinse through your hair with water to limit further damage. Wash with a a shampoo and conditioner that I have recommended above to remove all impurities and add back in that dose of moisture. Sunscreen can also cause discoloration to the extensions. if you’re wearing sunscreen.. just play it safe and pull your hair up off your shoulders/back/chest.


Maintenance is recommended every 8 weeks. We will set your first adjustment at that.. we will assess at the first adjustment if you can stretch it longer, are good at that mark, or if you need to be in sooner. It all depends on how fast or slow your hair grows. Maintenance cost is not included in your install and will need to be paid at each of those appointments. Do not exceed the recommended time-frames for maintaining your extensions. If you extend the maintenance period and do not use proper care + proper products in your daily lifestyle, we cannot guarantee the quality of the hair extensions or your natural hair.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT: Extensions are not your natural hair, special care and attention needs to be taken when caring for your hair extensions. This is your responsibility after you leave the salon to make sure you are following these steps!!

OKAY! Now that you have all that information… Here’s the link to find my top recommendations for Shampoos and Conditioners!  You can buy them straight from this link so its easy peasy to get your hands on the best products! You’re investing a lot in this hair so make sure you are also investing in the right products to keep them fresh for as long as possible! Longevity people!

REMEMBER: You can always check back here for more tutorials (there’s already a couple posted below this!) and always check my page because I’m constantly tagging tools and products used on my extensions! I share more of that there than anywhere! Hope this helps you guys! Always feel free to reach out if you have questions for me!