Half Marathon Carb Load

The biggest Marathon in Louisville is the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon! Prior to this year, I had run the half marathon twice with my sister! This is the only one I’ve ever done. The hardest part for me is the training. I work so much and you really have to be on top of your training. In the past, I’ve been pretty good about it. This year was another story. I was at the peak of my busiest time at the salon. On top of that, it was the most booked my schedule behind the chair had been. So, I knew I would be facing a Challenge.

One of the most important things (aside from your training) is your meals. I am talking about carb loading specifically. Of course you carb load leading up to the race. I also carb load after its over. Its been a tradition for my sister and I to go get pizza with whoever was there supporting us afterwards.

This year, we had a few more friends join us for the race! So, we decided instead of taking up all that space at a restaurant.. we could just head back to my place and order pizza. {INSERT PAPA JOHN’S SAVING THE DAY} We ordered it and it was there in a jiffy! As much as it’s important to carb load, don’t forget your protein and healthy fats! So, load as much of that onto that pizza as you can! Also, don’t forget to get a side of the cheese sauce and use code ‘Katie25’ for 25% off your order! https://www.papajohns.com/