Bachelorette & Charcuterie

The Girls and I decided to get together for the premier of the new season of the Bachelorette! Our lives are so crazy and it’s so hard for us to get together. We just at any opportunity we get! I hosted our little shindig. Of course, no Bachelorette viewing party is complete without wine and charcuterie!

We didn’t decide until later in the day that we were going to get together. It was a last minute decision, honestly (7 pm decision). I was the only one still out and was just getting off work. It started at 8:00. So we weren’t working with much time to shop and prep.

I offered to just stop on my way home to pick up all of our Charcuterie goodies! The only thing between the salon and my house is Kroger. So Kroger it was! Thankfully, the Kroger by me as an amazing cheese section!! I stopped in there grabbed all the necessities. Cheese, some little meats, fruit, jams, and last but certainly not least.. wine.

I just had to share what a cute little board we put together in such little time. How often do you realize last minute that you are going somewhere and need to take something? Or realize people are coming over and you don’t have anything? Kroger can really help you out in a pinch. I will admit.. it normally wouldn’t have been my first choice for something like this.. but after this.. my mind was changed! I’m trying to change yours too!

In no way is this post sponsored. I spent my own money and time on this! Just wanted to show a fun little thing you could put together in a pinch! Or maybe inspire you on your next girls night in!! <3

My outfit is from Impromptu Boutique. This little set is sold out in this color.. but they do have it in navy now! I will include the direct link to it below!