The Kentucky Derby

If you are not a local… then you most likely do not realize what a big day Derby Day is for us here in Kentucky. Which means you most likely do not realize that it is a week long affair. People go to the track Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. There are events that happen all week long as well.. So the amount of outfits you need is absolutely endless!!

I usually go to the track at least two days, if not three. I also attend at least one event, if not two. Let me also mention, this is my busiest time of year at work! Everyone else is in the same boat as me, lots of time at the track or parties so they need their hair looking its best! But what that means is, I spend so much time behind the chair leading up to Derby that I don’t have much time to shop and get myself ready! I’ve been known in the past to be glueing feathers on my hat the morning I am going before I start getting ready! Or even at midnight the night before! So take my advice.. sometimes it is worth it if you aren’t crafty.. to just spend the extra money and grab a hat thats good to go! Save yourself the headache! I’m not sure why I do it to myself!

This year, I decided to pay the hat girls a visit! They are one of the most popular hat shops in town! If you’re local, they have a store in Norton Commons across from Citizen 7! If you’re not local, you can shop their website!

Okay, who’s ready to chat DERBY HATS! I’m gonna walk you through my shopping experience there! Let you have an inside peek! I tried to pick 4 things that were very different from each other to be able to show you!


I have ALWAYS been about the hats! THAT to me IS Derby! That’s what its all about right? Okay, some may say its about the horses… but for me… its about the headwear! It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I started to dable in the fascinators. I have decided I like those if you’re going earlier in the week (Wednesday, Thursday, even Friday could be okay). But now, there are just so many options and so many different types out there! So, let’s get to it!


For outfit number one, I tried to pick something that was a little smaller that you may want to wear on Wednesday or Thursday. But let me tell you what was super cool about this piece… It had a string on it… which sounds weird. I was like surely this doesn’t go under my chin! Haha!! I had to have the girls explain it to me. Don’t be scared to ask them questions!! I loved this string! Have you ever worn a Halo or Hidden Crown extension? It reminds me of that. It goes around to the nape and you can pull your hair out over top of it! It wasn’t even slightly uncomfortable! Plus, I love that the string is totally hidden and there’s no uncomfortable clip! I paired it with a little white dress and green heels to tie it all together!


FUN TIP: If you’re in a pinch for an outfit.. don’t rule out Amazon. There are certain brands I buy a lot so I’ve got my sizing with them down! J.O.A. is one of them! I know they always have super cute dresses (ASTR is another favorite of mine). I know my size with them. So I ordered this one off Amazon in a pinch and had it in 2 days!!!

For my next outfit, I really channeled my inner Meghan Markle. I went with a dusty blue blazer romper and let me tell yyyooouuuu… OBSESSED with this look!!!! Honestly, this may have been my fave!! There’s something about this romper that looks like a blazer that I love! Sophisticated and Trendy!! The way it tied to the side added just enough. I paired it with a fascinator that has a full top! Almost like a half hat haha! it was simple. But I liked that about it. It had netting that came down over the face and flowers that matched the purse I had picked out perfectly! Just classy and it was great!

For outfit numero tres, I went with a lavender jumpsuit. I found it at Blush. Blush is local to Louisville but they also have locations in Nashville! What I loved about the jumpsuit was the ruffle detail on the front. It made it so sweet in that lavender color. I felt like it could really be jazzed up with a hat too! I wanted to add a little something to it because my personal style is adding something edgy with something sweet (ex: like leather with floral). I found a chain belt that Blush had and it paired it with that! (The belt was only $14.99 – STEAL!) I have to be fully honest about this outfit, however. I do not recommend it if you’re just doing general admission to the paddock area. I would save this outfit for Millionaire’s Row or Turf Club or those type of seats.. seats you know have nice clean bathrooms. All of us woman know what the bathrooms can be like and how jumpsuits work come bathroom time! You don’t want it dragging in pee or spilt drinks.

I wanted the last outfit I chose to be something fun and colorful and funky. Just something way different than the other outfits you’ve seen here. So, I decided to go with this colorful jumpsuit! It’s super comfy and has pockets which I know most of you are huge fans of! I got it at Vici’s (online) but I’ve seen several boutiques carry the same print in dress form form too! I’ll share the link below so you can check them out! I instantly fell for the fascinator. It is so different from anything I’ve ever seen. It’s more of an open netting basket weave! It is so cool if you are the type that goes for different things or want to stand out a little more. 

And that’s a wrap on these outfits! If you don’t have anything yet… truly consider checking out the Hat Girls! They’re so talented are really putting in the hours to make sure everyone is taken care of for Derby or whatever days you’re attending! I’m happy to help anyone get styled that needs it before the big day! Here’s to the fastest two minutes in sports!

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